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Hi, I am Gautier Mouhat from France, I am a multinational Freelance Web developer/ Analyst.
I have now 10 years of web development experience in France, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
<? /* My passion is creating, my tools is coding. */ ?>

Who ?

I like travelling, meeting new people and sharing our perception and our ways of creating things.

What ?

Specialised in Custom Software development with a strong experience in back-end programming,
I know and exploit the available resources to offer powerful and fast processes.

Why ?

Working as part of a team or as an individual I am always looking for new challenging and creative projects.

Where ?

Currently based in Toulouse, France.
I become your personal IT Manager and/or WEB Developer/Analyst - when and where you need it.

Some History


Audit & Design

Define a solution to a need coming from constraints and envies.

Set Up

Set up the different system / hardware elements.


Needs are defined. We just need to take care of the interface of your dreams with the best available technologies.

Project management

Organize the phases of your project to control the delays and costs.

Maintenance / Follow-up

Follow and keep your new tools safe.

International Experiences

French, English and Spanish speaker. I have worked in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Let's talk about your new project

Let me help you with all your CRM, CMS, back-end, Front-end development needs.
Please email me directly and I'll be in touch today.

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